Professor Blink and her dragon are available for visits.


My Dragon Clinics and Dragon Days are designed to fire children up with enthusiasm so that they then go on to do their own dragonish activities. My aim is to make even the wriggliest back row boy keen to write something.


Dragon Clinics

Suitable for Years 1 to 6.

Professor Georgie Blink gives basic instruction on dragon care. A bit of writing and drawing in little dragon books. Also some practical exercises in how to control your dragon, what to feed it, what equipment you will need, which breed to select, the pros and cons of hatching an egg versus picking up a cheap rescue dragon, etcetera. If they are good the Professor will let them stroke her invisible dragon Picton on the end of a lead. Also features a chance to touch dragon poo, experience dragon breath, and examine dragon snot. Dragon literacy worksheets also available for follow up work. Takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Children will need pencils and, ideally, red and green crayons.


Dragon Days

Suitable for Reception to Year 6

I start with a Dragon Clinic (see above). This is then followed by a variety of dragon-related activities, calibrated for the different year groups and introduced by me (I supply accompanying worksheets.) These projects normally include: making dragon eggs and luggage labels, writing 'Wanted' posters and agony aunt letters to the dragon trainer, and constructing a giant school dragon with each child in the school decorating and writing at least one paper scale (see pictures below). The school day ends with a dragon assembly where children read out some of their written work, show off their eggs and, hopefully, admire their completed giant dragon. 

Click here to see the professor in action: 


Here is a wonderful dragon made by the kids at Redland Junior School for Girls: 

And here is another dragon, called Smoky, made by the kids at Riverside Community Primary School in Plymouth:


And here are some fabulously frightening Riverside dragon eggs:

 Or closer up:


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Coming soon: how to make your own dragon poo.