Richard Collingridge drew the illustrations for Mission Telemark. 




As Mission Telemark is a book all about snow and ice and wilderness, Walker Books asked Richard Collingridge, who does wonderful polar landscapes, to illustrate the book.

  This is what he says about working on Mission Telemark:    'Because the book is presented in diary format, it was decided that two different authors (Jakob and Ase) would illustrate their experiences in different styles: one in pencil (for Jakob's diary entries) and the other in ink (Ase's diary). For Jakob's entries, I wanted to get a grainy period feel that had the aesthetic of old photography. For Ase's entries, I wanted to get a less dramatic and more quirky feel. All in all it was a lot of fun and a great experience, especially being able to work in ink as that was something I hadn't managed to do for a long time.'     


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Here are some of his Telemark illustrations: