All about my day job as a journalist.

I have worked as a journalist for years. My first job was in a bug infested backstreet in Cairo where I corrected the grammar on The Egyptian Gazette. It really was the worst newspaper in the universe. We used to write the Sunday news on a Thursday because the editor liked a long weekend. The editorials told Egyptians that it was their duty to cooperate with the government by eating less food. I hope it's a better paper now.

When I came home I started to write for newspapers in London--and that is what is still my day job. Over the years I have done pretty well everything. I've been a foreign reporter and covered wars and interviewed politicians. I've also written about fun things like food and films and animals. In fact animals elicit more intense feelings than almost anything: I covered Crufts Dog Show one year and I've rarely seen anything so sneakily savage. A recent article I wrote for the Guardian about our pets made some readers laugh and made others spitting angry.

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Me and my family with our beloved killer dog Alfie.  


I have recently started up a company called which sends British children to stay with families in France and really learn to speak French. This was after I sent my younger son Teddy to Corsica.


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Another article I wrote was about a new and very controversial trend. Some families in Britain are beginning to travel abroad to choose the sex of their child.

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Here is the new quick fix answer to being overweight---swap eating for a tube up your nose:

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And here I'm writing about my poor father and the extraordinary tale of his perpetual burglar:


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